Dedicated Web hosting Services, Onesmart Promotion

Dedicated Web hosting Services, Onesmart Promotion

web hosting service is not a simple matter. Many companies rent very low-cost website hosting and e-shop on servers with too many sites of dubious quality at risk for healthy websites.

Google, like all other search engines, now monitors the quality of servers to evaluate websites in SEO.

Now, shared low cost servers are black ship for Google and do not rank sites that are hosted on such servers with good rankings.

Dedicated servers, i.e. private servers, are the asset for all serious businesses and companies.

Onesmart Promotion has created such a Dedicated Servers network, the Corfuservers network with powerful processors, SSD drives, huge storage memories, powerful protection and fast lines at 10 Gbps speed.

We are confident about what we offer and we can support it.

In the Corfuservers network you will find 10 dedicated servers, (private) with dozens of static ip’s, and SSL Certificate services.

We also have 1 dedicated server for daily, weekly and monthly backup only.

Do not think about it, hosting your site is all about its proper operation.

In Onesmart Promotion we only tell the truth.