Our Team, Onesmart Promotion

Team means collectivity, communication, enthusiasm, and love for evolution. This is our team.

The component of each company’s success is that all of them who constitute the company have exactly the same goals and dreams.

They can understand the difficulties and are able to give solutions without being forced by the necessities.

Success means free will in decisions and methodology in the team’s goal.

Onesmart Promotion applies a collaborative work model for its goals, based on the development of personality and knowledge in the team.

Our strategy has a common course and this is the one that gives us every day new co operations and growth.

Teamwork = success.


Spiros Andriotis

Chairman of the board of directors & CEO
CEO, Responsible for the development of aggressive marketing , Google Partner , Yandex.Advertising

Efi Kavvadia

Human Resources Manager / Team Groups Developing
Owner of ΚεΔιΒιΜ2 Exelixi of Prevezaς , Human Resources Business Managers ESPA, OAED, evelopment and evaluation
Irina-Alexaki onesmart promotion

Irina Alexaki

External Partner, CEO reMarketing of Russia, Yandex Partner
CEO Corfuwedding.ru, Russia Advertising specialist
euaggelia mourtzanou onesmart promotion

Evangelia Mourtzanou

External Partner, Translator, Blogger
Student of English Literature
Vaso Heiraki

Vaso Heiraki

External Partner, Translator, Blogger, Creative
Student of Digital Marketing