Yandex Cooperator, Onesmart Promotion

Yandex partner, the power in Russia

Onesmart Promotion is a partner of Yandex for Greece, with entries in Yandex search engine, statistics monitoring and analysis, and image and content advertising.

But what is Yandex?

The Russian search engine Yandex is a big Google-like company that is similar to Google and operates in the same field of services.

It uses Google’s free chromium code and at the same time develops its own search engine, its own browser and its own applications.

#Yandex competes very much with Google and this is reflected in the diversity of its services.

Yandex is now used around the world but its largest share is in Russia and surrounding areas that American services are not being used.

A special service for you who want to cooperate with the Russian marketand be able to develop your brand there.

Services designed for you, by Onesmart Promotion and Yandex.

Yandex Cooperator, Onesmart Promotion